Founded in 2014, the Feeling Muslim Project is an online hub for engaged scholarship on conversion to Islam, producing peer-reviewed publications, and encouraging a healthy discussion of various issues facing converts to Islam. One of the main goals of this project is to encourage converts to Islam to center, nurture, and cultivate their Muslim identities before and above any other identity. We aim to do this by discussing many of the issues facing converts to Islam and by highlighting the voices of participants in the Feeling Muslim study, past and present, thus providing a platform for them to speak for themselves….and this time around, we’re including the voices of men.

This project is a direct result of findings in the 2014 study, Feeling Muslim: An Intimate Portrait of Identity Cultivation among American Female Converts to Islam, and the subsequent 2015 M.A. thesis, Feeling Muslim: Prolegomena to the Study of American Female Converts to Islam by Karla N. Kovacik of the University of Georgia. The study grew out of Karla’s own experiences as a convert to Islam as well as those of convert friends she made while in graduate school at the University of Georgia. Women (and now men) from all over the world are participating in the Feeling Muslim study. Join us!