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The study, Feeling Muslim: An Intimate Portrait of Identity Cultivation among American Female Converts to Islam was an in-depth mixed-methods survey of U.S. female converts to Islam. While much of the information on this site focuses on the socio-demographic data of 257 anonymous American female converts to Islam who responded to the survey, this particular section focuses solely on responses to the qualitative portion. In other words, this section is dedicated to disseminating direct responses from the participants - it's a place to share the stories of the women who participated in the Feeling Muslim study - the good stories - the horrible stories - the uplifting stories - the devastating stories...and everything in between....the raw, real, and unfiltered stories of American women converts. This is the main page for the stories, however, in the drop-down menu, excerpts from the survey will be listed by the question they are in response to.

There were a total of 459 responses to the survey. However, of the 459 responses, 178 were partial responses, and 281 were full responses. Of the 281 full responses, 257 respondents identified as American (U.S.-born) female converts to Islam. When appropriate, data from both partial and full responses is utilized, with side-by-side comparisons for transparency. 

 Feeling Muslim

   Addressing the Unique Needs of American Converts to Islam