Shaykh Isa Husayn Johansson

Shaykh Isa Husayn Johansson is a traditionally trained Muslim theologian hailing from the Kingdom of Sweden. He lectures at the theological seminary Madina Institute in Atlanta, Georgia, and continues to travel the globe delivering sermons and seminars.

Raised in what he describes as a culturally Lutheran household, his interest in religion started while still in his teens, when his father gifted him a bible. Thus started his spiritual voyage, which brought him through phases of Christianity, Orthodox Judaism, and ultimately Islam.

Shaykh Johansson has undertaken formal Christian seminary studies, Talmudic studies, and further spent a decade immersed in traditional Islamic studies at the hands of some of the foremost scholars of the era. He began his Islamic and Arabic Studies in Damascus, Syria, where he studied for a period at the Abu Nour Institute. During his stay, he also sat at the feet of a number of senior scholars in the city's many traditional circles of learning. He has since completed the traditional curriculum of the Indian subcontinent, known as Dars Nizami, and spent a decade under the tutelage of the polymath Shaykh Dr. Muhammad al-Ninowy, from whom he received academic license (ijaza ῾ilmiyya) to teach and transmit the Islamic sciences. Having well over a hundred teachers, he has received further licenses (ijazah) from a plethora of traditional Islamic scholars, particularly in the fields of hadith, law, and various Sufi orders.

Among the languages he has studied, aside from his native Swedish, are English, Arabic, Hebrew, Koine Greek, Yiddish, and Spanish, all at varying levels of proficiency. As an avid reader and researcher, Sh. Johansson’s areas of expertise are primarily scholastic theology, hadith, comparative religion, and Islamic law, having undertaken formal training in issuing legal edicts (fatwa). 

Shaykh Isa Husayn Johansson

Islamic Jurisprudence Educator