Length of Time as a Muslim

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Karla Nicole Evans, Feeling Muslim: Prolegomena to the Study of American Female Converts to Islam [Electronic Resource], by Karla Nicole Evans (2015).Bibliographies. Theses. Non-fiction. 

How Long Have You Been Muslim?

Figure 13 is a representation of how long the respondents have been Muslim, or how long since their conversion to Islam. The respondents chose from the six possible answers: 0-3 years, 4-7 years, 8-11 years, 12-15 years, 16-19 years, or 20+ years.[1] Of the 257 respondents, 25% identified 0-3 years as the length of time they have been Muslim, followed closely by 22% who responded with 4-7 years. Therefore, 47% of the respondents have been Muslim for between 0-7 years. Another 13% report being Muslim for between 8-11 years with 14% identifying with the 12-15 year range, which means that around 27% of respondents have been Muslim for between 8-15 years. Next, 8% said that they have been Muslim for 16-19 years, and 18% said they have been Muslim for 20 or more years.

[1] In the future, the inclusion of more age ranges would almost certainly provide a greater historical context to go along with the conversion narratives afforded by the respondents.