Being Muslim: A Free Audio Livestream

At the Feeling Muslim Project, we are dedicated to finding and providing as many free resources as possible to help converts to Islam on their journey. While searching for these resources, we learned that Asad Tarsin, the author of Being Muslim: A Practical Guide, is now offering a free audio livestream which goes over the text! How amazing to be able to learn the text from the author for FREE! This course is not offered by the Feeling Muslim Project - but that does not matter in the slightest. What matters is that it's a free resource for converts!

​Feeling Muslim provides the book, Being Muslim, for free in our New Muslim Welcome Package. If you don't need the entire package and just need the Being Muslim text, we are more than happy to provide it, inshaAllah! Simply contact us and let us know that you need the text and we'll do our best to get the donations in place to provide one for you, with the help of Allah. We are hopeful you will take advantage of this tremendous learning opportunity, inshaAllah. <3 

Would you like to help us provide the Being Muslim books to new converts to Islam?

We are able to get the books at a discounted price as a non-profit, alHamdulillah. Please consider donating to help us get this valuable information into the hands of new converts who are seeking sacred Islamic knowledge.

Announcing: An audio livestream of the Being Muslim class by the author, Asad Tarsin will be made available on Mixlr. Class starts on October 23, 2017 at 7 pm PST/10 pm EST. Join us!

​MashaAllah! This is a tremendous opportunity, especially for converts! Being Muslim: A Practical Guide is one of the books the Feeling Muslim Project includes in the New Muslim Welcome Packages, mashaAllah.