Branches of Christianity Prior to Conversion to Islam

Figure 9 is a representation of branches of Christianity the respondents self-identified as prior to the conversion to Islam. As previously mentioned, this table represents a further breakdown of the 76.3% who identified as Christianity as their belief prior to conversion to Islam. Having such a large percentage of respondents who identified within one category prompted further analysis to identify whether the participants had specified a particular branch or branches of Christianity. The results in Figure 9 are the representation of that breakdown. Of 196 respondents who self-identified as Christian prior to their conversion to Islam 2.55% self-identified as Anglican, 0.51% as Jehovah’s Witness, 1.53% as Mormon, 63.26% as Protestant, 29.6% as Roman Catholic, 1.02% as Seventh Day Adventist, and 1.53% as Unitarian Universalist. This breakdown shows that the largest percentage of American female converts to Islam come from a Protestant or Roman Catholic Christian background, which merits further research.

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Branches of Christianity Prior to Conversion