Barbara Flaherty has a background of over 25 years as a counselor working with diverse populations, and trainer of behavioral health clinicians. She has taught at the University of Alaska, Anchorage, Union Institute, Vermont, and DePaul University, Chicago, IL. Barbara's background also includes chaplaincy (hospital, university, and prison settings).

For twenty years she worked with Alaskan Native elders and healers facilitating village healing intensives combining western counseling practices with indigenous healing methods for adult trauma survivors.

She co-designed an intensive curriculum for teens which incorporated emotional intelligence, life skill development, sacred stories, elder/youth mentoring and service to others.

She is also a published poet and essayist, winner of the Drogheda Amergin Poetry Award, Ireland in 2005 and the author of two books: Holy Madness (Chanting Press 2006) and Doing It Another Way (Chanting Press 2008).

Barbara Flaherty, M.A.

Emotional Intelligence Educator,

Interfaith Outreach Coordinator

Founder, Interfaith Horizons​

Barbara Flaherty, M.A.