Angela's ​Story

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As salamu aleiykum wa rahmatulahi wa barakatuh,

July 30th of this year will mark one year since I took my shahadah, Alhamdullilah. I was born and raised in NY but currently reside in Sunrise FL. I was raised Catholic and stopped practicing the religion when I was eleven years of age. I remained without a religion for about fifteen years.

My childhood friend (since 11 years of age) is a Muslima, as well as her entire family. And they inspired me to seek a deeper connection with our Creator- they did not accomplish this by harassing me or telling me all the time about Islam- they simply did this by living by example- they way they are with one another and with the world around them inspired me to better myself in areas where I needed improvement, all by the will of Allah SWT of course.

I fasted during Ramadan with my friend for the second year in a row, except last year I began to pray five times a day, and went to the Masjid for namaz with my friend and her family in the last week of Ramadan- not knowing at that time anything about layatul Qadr, I went to the Masjid on Eid for morning prayers- it was beautiful. I had a void in my heart all those years- that I was constantly trying to fill, I sought out a connection with God but nothing satisfied me.

From the first night I stepped into the Masjid- my heart felt full. Going into sujood...that gave my soul the satisfaction it yearned for...after Ramadan I made a lot of dua- I asked Allah to guide me, that if this is what He wanted of me- for me to embrace Islam and change my life so that I seek His pleasure- to give me a sign- and Alhamdullilah He gave it to me in a way in which there was no denying it was a sign from Him.

After sharing with my friend that I wanted to convert, her family instantly supported my decision and was there for me in every way they could be. Her father enrolled me in Quran class- where Alhamdullilah I learned to read Arabic with tajweed, learned the basics of Islam- and July 30th, 2016 took my shahadah.

I have since began taking Islamic education courses when they are available and in town, I am working on memorizing the Quran to the best of my abilities, I only have a few short surahs memorized but Alhamdullilah because a year ago I didn't feel I could even get past learning the Arabic letters.

I appreciate, so greatly, any time that there is help and support such as the package offered on this site, available because it is so important to continue seeking knowledge of our deen, because it helps me so much in giving dawah to my non Muslim family- it makes it easier for me to properly communicate and clarify things when I have obtained credible knowledge. May Allah bless you and reward you with goodness for your efforts in spreading His message and in assisting those who have embraced Islam. May He grant you high homes in paradise and make you from among the righteous. Ameen. Wa salamu aleiykum wa rahmatulahi wa barakatuh